Cold & Allergy Relief Shower Bomb

Cold or allergies running you down? Let Village Naturals Therapy make a house call! Place a Cold & Allergy Shower Bomb on your shower floor, turn on the hot water and let the invigorating eucalyptus and menthol vapors fill the air and your tired lungs. The compact shower bomb is perfect to throw in your travel bag for on-the-go relief. 

  • Fill your shower with revitalizing vapors ideal for cold & allergy season
  • Breathe easy at home or on-the-go
  • Therapeutic blend of ingredients awakens your senses and uplifts your spirits
  • Let soothing Eucalyptus and Menthol fill your tired lungs and clear your mind
  • 60 g each
how to use

For best use, place flat side down away from direct shower spray.


Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, menthol, fragrance, peg-400, blue 1.

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