Think Outside the Bath to Bubble Up Fun!

To keep "I'm bored" at bay in any season, think outside the tub to get the kids clean and keep them giggling. The Village Company and Mr. Bubble are here to bubble up some super fun, affordable ideas to take bubble bath to new heights of happiness — inside and outside. So put on your fun hats and let’s dive into DIY seasonal slip and slides and sensory and stem fun activities.

How About Some Slip and Slide Game Ideas

Add Bubbles for Extra Fun. Slip n’ Slides are a blast when Mr. Bubble comes along! Add some Mr. Bubble Bubble bath, turn on the hose to your slip n’ slide and race to the end with a pool of huge bubbles. To make it feel even more like the perfect warm day, use Mr. Bubble Original Bubble bubble bath so you can enjoy the sweet scent of bubblegum as you splash in the bubbles.

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Paint ‘N Slide. Grab a jar of Mr. Bubble Fizzy Tub Colors and lay them on the slip n’ slide. Have kids wear white (to show the colors) or old t-shirts and shorts. Turn on the water and head down the slide to see what creative and colorful clothes you can make. Individual Fizzy Tub Colors also work great to paint on shirts when they are wet. Let kids create their own designs using the fun non-toxic tablets and crayons to keep the fun going!

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Foamy Finale. Add Mr. Bubble Foam Soap to the slip n’ slide for squishy, soapy, squeaky clean fun! With so many colors and scents to choose from you can change it up each time the kiddos go down the slide! Spray foam all over the slide, or pile it at the end for a fun and foamy finale!

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Grab-As-You-Go. Place soft objects like nerf balls, rubber ducks, sponges and bath toys along the slide for kids to grab as they slide. Assign point values to each object to see who wins.

Slide Race. Make it a competition by timing for the fastest slider and the most creative slide technique.

Beyond-the-Bubble: More Benefits of Outdoor Play

It’s no secret that being outside is good for our kids and ourselves, especially when we’re bubblin’ up the fun together. Let’s take a look at the top six reasons why outdoor time is so important for kids from Harvard Health Publishing.

  1. Sunshine. We need sun exposure in all seasons to make Vitamin D, a vitamin that plays a crucial role in many body processes, from bone development to our immune system.
  2. Exercise. Kids need to be active for an hour every day and being outside is one way to be sure they get that hour in.
  3. Executive function. Being outside gives them opportunities to practice these important life skills that help them plan, troubleshoot, prioritize, negotiate and multitask.
  4. Taking risks. Kids need to climb a tree, build a snowman, jump over a stream and take some risks to learn how to deal with a challenge and step outside their comfort zones.
  5. Socialization. It’s so important for kids to learn how to share, make friends, cooperate and treat other people — outside of a structured classroom.
  6. Appreciation of nature. The future of our planet depends on our children and experiencing the beauty and intricacies of Mother Nature helps them start to develop a life-long appreciation.

The Final Takeaway: Be Prepared

Plan ahead and above all, make sure your supply of bubble bath is fully stocked. And, it just so happens that we have a whole slew of options in our Mr. Bubble Bath Collection. You’ll find everything from foamy science experiments to soap stickers to swirling bath bombs that all make getting clean as much fun as getting dirty — inside and outside the tub.

With bubble bath, there’s no end to the imaginative play your kiddos can have. We could bubble on and on for hours, but we know you and your kids have many ideas of your own. So, whip up some slime, foamy paint and an epic slip and slide and make bubbling outside the bath worthy of the memory books. Dive in and have fun!


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