Fizzy Tub Colors

Brighten up tub time with vibrant, fizzy tablets that turn the bath into a colorful lagoon.  

Fizzy Tub Colors

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Make Tub Time Learning Time with Mr. Bubble Fizzy Bath Color Tablets

Turn bath time into a rainbow of hue-riffic fun with my fizzy tub colors. My kids’ bath color tablets fizz and change colors, making bath time an artistic, learning adventure that’s always different. Plop in a red A, a blue B and a yellow C to see the new hues as the kiddos learn color combinations and letter recognition, too. And, as always I formulated my fizzy tub colors to be non-toxic, safe, easy to clean up and gentle on their skin. Get your hands on my fizzy color bath tablets and turn bath time into a sea of sensory play!


Create Colorful Memories with Mr. Bubble's Fizzy Tub Colors!

Looking for new ideas to get the kiddos in the tub and create some colorful moments, too? My vibrantly bold, bath color tablets are the answer — just ask my fans. Six colors and A, B, C to plop and fizz in endless ways for a colorful sea of fun, fun, fun! I even designed the cap for my bath color tablets to be a wonderful waterfall to take tub time memories to the next level. Color the kiddos clean while creating memories that’ll have everyone giggling in full color with my Mr. Bubble fizzy tub colors.


Big Bubblin’ Fun That’s Gentle on Little Skin from Me, Mr. Bubble!

Looking for gift and tub time ideas that are safe and gentle on kiddos’ skin? Look no further because Mr. B has the answer in so many bubblin’ fun options, I’ve lost count. For babies and toddlers, parents love my tear-free, gentle bubble bath that’s formulated with aloe and paraben, and is phthalate, dye and fragrance-free. For toddlers and older kiddos, try my bath foam to create foam sculptures and letters of all proportions. And, for a truly magical experience of swirling, spinning fun, my bath bombs for kids are a must. I’ve been creating bubblin’ fun for over 60 years and I’m just getting started. See what bath products can make your tub time the best time!