Kids Bath Bombs

Add some fizz, bubbles and color to the tub to create a one-of-a-kind bath time adventure. 

Kids Bath Bombs

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Fizz up the fun with bath bombs of all kinds for kids

Make bath time more fizzing, swirling, colorful and fun with Mr. Bubble bath bombs for kids! My bath bombs come in fun colors like blue and yellow and blue and pink with my signature bubblegum kid-friendly scent to make bath time the best time of the day. Get ready to soak up the smiles and giggles as my bath bombs fizz and dissolve before their eyes, creating a swirl of colorful, foaming bubbles. But wait, my bath bombs are only the beginning. Erupt into fun with my Scientific & Terrific Bath Potion, create a burst of colors with my Fizzy Tub Colors and experience potions, soap stickers and more with my Ultimate Pack of Bathtime Fun. 

Mr. Bubble bath bombs of all kinds are gentle on skin, too.

Add a potion, fizzy tub tablet or one of my bath bombs to your getting-clean routine and your kiddos may not want to get out. Watch pink and yellow do a rub-a-dub-dub dance or pink and blue get their fizzy funk on. And, rest assured parents….each bath bomb, potion, fizzy tablet and soap sticker is carefully formulated to be gentle on your child's delicate skin without any of the bad stuff. The colors are super vibrant any way you go and the tub clean-up is super easy. 

Mr. Bubble bath collection keeps bath time exciting!

For over 60 years, I’ve been creating new ways to make bath time, the best time for kids of all ages, even grown ups. From your favorites to new creations, picking what to add to your bath collection is almost as much fun as taking a bath. From baby and toddler bath soap to bubble bath for kids with sensitive skin to my Scientific & Terrific Bath Potion, Fizzy Tub Colors and my Ultimate Pack of Bathtime Fun, I’m always here for my bubblin’ friends. Be sure to pick up what you need for a relaxing bath and for sensory bath ideas to help your kiddos fire up the fun and wind down for a good night’s sleep. What are you waiting for? Let’s make getting clean as much fun as getting dirty with my bath bombs, potions, bubble baths and foamy soaps. Stock up and bubble on!