Essential Workers

For the hardworking, frontline heroes that keep the world moving forward every day, self care and recovery is a must. Treat yourself or a friend to relaxing bath time self care solutions that ease daily muscle aches and joint pains.
Essential Workers

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Self-care essentials for essential workers

If you or someone you love is an essential or frontline worker, bath & body products to help soothe sore muscles & chronic pain and to keep you feeling your best are a must-have! 

Nurses, teachers, childcare workers, construction workers and grocery store employees – we’re talking to you! Choose from our wide collection of powerful therapeutic products for a self-care routine that keeps you feeling ready to go — including concentrated Epsom salts, foaming body soaks with menthol, body washes packed with essential oils & extracts, hydrating lotions, moisturizing bubbles and more!

We even have travel size bath salts and wellness bath gift sets that make thoughtful gifts. Whatever you choose, you can earn exclusive rewards and perks with The Village Co. Rewards program. It’s free with zero obligation, so join today!