Workout Recovery

Treat your muscles to a post-workout recovery bath in a rejuvenating blend of Epsom salt and revitalizing essential oils. Add in a refreshing cooling spray and hydrating muscle lotion for the perfect combination.
Workout Recovery

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Workout recovery that works like a pro

Whether you’re a yogi, runner, cyclist, strength trainer or you get a workout every day just by doing life, giving your muscles the rejuvenating, replenishing relief they need is a key to success. That’s where Village Naturals Therapy comes in with our full line of powerful, therapeutic workout recovery must-haves.

You’ll find post-workout gym self-care in all forms including Epsom & sea salt soaks to help soothe strained muscles, body wash & foaming bath oil to help restore in the bath or shower, cooling and hydrating muscle relief lotion and even a travel-sized soak for relief on-the-go. You and your muscles will be so happy you did.

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