Soothing Solutions

Everyone's bath time ritual is unique, which is why our products are designed with your individual needs in mind. From restorative Epsom salt soaks to nourishing hand & body lotions, there's something for everyone.
Soothing Solutions

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Soothing solutions that make your day, every day

Life is busy and taking the time for self-care is the key to enjoying your best life. So, let’s keep your body feeling great with our therapeutic line of bath and body self-care including Epsom bath salts, muscle lotion, body washes and adult bubble baths made with soothing essential oils & extracts and cooling menthol.

Pick up your favorites for quick foot soaks after a long day on your feet, relaxing baths to soothe joints after a tough workout and rejuvenating pick-me-ups when allergies or colds have you feeling under the weather.