Weekend Warrior

Hand-picked for the ones who never clock out, this collection of bath and body care solutions is ideal for runners, bikers, swimmers and all around athletes who are looking for a way to get the most out of their recovery time.
Weekend Warrior

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You work hard, so we work hard

Hello all you weekend warriors who manage to knock out an impressive amount of chores, renovations, exercise, gardening and everything-you-can over the weekend. Village Naturals Therapy is always ready with relieving self-care so you can recover and get your body ready for the next project on your list.

Relax stiff joints and soothe sore muscles with the help of our Muscle Relief products made with key essential oils & ingredients like eucalyptus, menthol, and Epsom salt. Use in a warm bubble bath or add our foaming bath oil & body wash to a sponge for the most refreshing shower.

Plus, our Hydrate line keeps your skin glowing and hydrated with a cooling body spray that’s ideal for post workouts and transitioning from day to nighttime relaxation.

Now, go rock the weekend and win at rejuvenation.