Prioritize wellness with bath & body products infused with revitalizing essential oils and mineral extracts.

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Happiness comes by putting your wellness first

Here at Village Naturals Therapy we believe that wellness is a way-of-life and self-care should be a priority for both your mental and physical health. That’s why we make it easy for you to put your wellbeing first with soothing solutions for your bath, shower, skin care routine and even your travels.

From our Hydrating body scrub to moisturizing Epsom salt and refreshing body spray, all of our products are consciously curated from hand-selected, cruelty-free ingredients with uplifting, invigorating scents.

Our Wellness gift sets for muscle aches and tension are the perfect gifts for men, women, teachers and loved ones that could use some soothing selfcare after working out or a tough day on the job.

Get wellness and give wellness, because every body deserves it.