Extra Gentle

For the kids with sensitive skin, Mr. Bubble's hypoallergenic, dye and fragrance-free bubble bath, foam soap and 4-in-1 is simply the best way to get clean.
Extra Gentle

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Mr. Bubble's Extra Gentle Bubble Bath and Foam Soap for Sensitive Skin

Hey my bubblin’ friends, I’m here to talk bubbles…of the extra gentle bubble bath and bath foam kind. For 60 years, I’ve been making getting clean as much fun as getting dirty in bathtubs across America with bubbles that are as gentle on kiddos’ skin as they are fun. We’re talking extra gentle foam soap for sculpting and sensory play and my extra gentle bubble bath that’s formulated to soothe skin while making mountains of big, fluffy bubbles. Even grown-ups love it for much-needed adult time-outs!


Extra, Extra, Read All About My Extra Gentle Bubble Bath and Foam Soap

My story is all about bubbles, of every shape and kind. Two fan faves for sensitive skin in my ever-growing collection are my extra gentle foam soap and my extra gentle bubble bath.  My gentle soaps for sensitive skin are both bubblin’ over with only the good stuff. They’re dermatologist- and pediatrician-tested and free from parabens, phthalate, dyes, animal cruelty and fragrances. Take your pick of my many hypoallergenic bubble bath options including my original bubble in my bubble gum scent and my calm and sleep to help the kiddos wind down before they go nighty night.


Bubble Up the Fun in More Ways than One with Me, Mr. Bubble

Looking for new ways to make bath time even more fun and less of a struggle? Mr. B has you covered with potions, bath bombs, gentle bubble baths, fizzy tablets and so much more. For babies, try my gentle, tear-free baby bubble bath and for the toddlers, my sculpting fun bath foam in a variety of foamy fun colors. And for a swirling, foaming, colorful bath time adventure, you gotta pick up my bath bombs for kids in my signature bubble gum scent and blue/yellow and blue/pink combinations. What will your Mr. Bubble personal collection bubble up to be? I can’t wait to see.