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Experiment, sculpt and play with kid's bath products that encourage sensory and STEM learning.
Sensory & STEM

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Boost Brain Power with Mr. Bubble Sensory and STEM Bath Ideas

How do you turn bath time into a hands-on, brain-stimulating, sensory and STEM learning wonderland? With me, Mr. B of course. My collection includes an always changing variety of bubbling, foaming, swirling, colorful, crackling sensory bath and STEM must-haves for bath fun for kids that never gets boring. Boost those brains, stimulate those senses and burst out with laughter every time. Only the best from me to you!


Be #1 for Bathtub Fun with My Sensory and STEM Collection 

Be the one who makes bathtub fun a sensory, learning adventure with your buddy Mr. Bubble. Streaming colors to see, foamy soap to touch and sculpt, magic bath crackles to hear and scientific potions to boost cognitive thinking and experimentation. Every sense is stimulated with my sensory bath toys — all while getting clean. With so many options to choose from, shopping is almost as much fun and tubbing! 


For Bathtime Fun, Mr. Bubble Is Always The One

When it comes to taking tub time to new levels of giggling fun, my work is never done! I’m always inventing new ways to make bath time easy for the parents and an adventure for the kiddos. Along with my sensory and STEM learning collection, you’ll find a bubbly variety of fun bathtub toys like my baby bubble bath for the littlest ones, bubble bath for sensitive skin, my sculpting bath foam, colorful fizzy tub colors and swirling, fizzing bath bombs for kids — to name a few. Everything is formulated for easy clean-up, free of the bad stuff and gentle on delicate skin. Happy shopping and bubbling my friends!