Rejuvenate the senses and calm the mind with the restorative blend of Echinacea, Lemon and Peppermint.


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Powerful cold and allergy relief anytime you need it

Let’s be honest, colds and allergies can hit any time. Village Naturals Therapy is here for you all year long with soothing solutions for sore muscles, aches & pains and those annoying colds and allergies. Be prepared with a powerful line up of feel-better besties like our invigorating Epsom bath salts, menthol shower bomb, concentrated mineral bath soak and bubble bath.

Our restorative blend of essential oils and extracts including soothing eucalyptus, uplifting lemon, cooling menthol and restorative echinacea go to work like magic to get you feeling better fast. And when it’s time to turn in, try our nighttime collection to prepare your body and mind to drift away to dreamland.


Cold & Allergy Collection Fragrance: Citrusy, Minty & Awakening

Invigorating bursts of Lemon Mint meld with top notes of citrusy Bergamot, cheery Lemon Zest and earthy Eucalyptus. Undertones of sweet Lavender Flower, fragrance Rose and fresh Pine, Fir Balsam and Cedarwood create a sensory awakening.