Foot Soaks

Made with a powerful blend of essential oils and mineral extracts, each one of our therapeutic foot bath soaks is specially formulated to help ease achy, sore feet and get you feeling like your best self again.
Foot Soaks

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Foot baths to get you back on your feet, fast

What are you doing for aches and pains muscle relief for those 29 hard-working muscles in your feet? We have a few ideas here at Village Naturals Therapy that are powerfully effective and purposefully formulated.

From relieving tension to helping with chronic pain to getting ready for a good night’s sleep, our collection of Epsom salts is made with all the good stuff like essential oils and extracts and cooling menthol to make your feet happy, so you can be your best self. Sprinkle a capful from your jar or use our convenient 2 oz packet that you can take with you on-the-go!

Our collection is loved by weekend warriors, essential workers and everybody who needs daily relief. Foot baths are a self-care routine that always steps up to de-stress.