Easter Gifts So Fun, Kids Won’t Miss the Sugar

While it’s true that kids love devouring those chocolate bunnies and jellybeans, it’s also true that parents are not in love with the sugar rush that follows. This year, create Easter gift baskets that dial down the sugar and dial up the fun with personalized Easter basket themes that get the kids all hopped-up happy without the sugar.

So, let’s put on our Easter bonnet thinking caps and have some fun with a few sugar-free Easter basket themes you can easily customize for their age and personalities that’ll put a big smile on their faces and make your heart smile, too. 

The Snuggle Bunny Basket: All the goodies for a good night’s sleep for babies and toddlers like Mr. Bubble Calm & Sleep bubble bathbunny slippers, a carrot-shaped bath bomb, a baby bunny or chick plushie and “Good Night Bunny” by Lauren Thompson — all wrapped up in a small blanket tied up in a bunny-ears bow.

The Beachy Keen Basket: Get ready for outdoor adventures with a sand pail full of goodies like sidewalk chalk, flip flops, a sand shovel, bunny sand mold, sunglasses and Mr. Bubble foam soap for extra foamy fun with an easy-clean-up bonus.

The Color Me Hoppy Basket: Gather a magical rainbow of gifts to make every day a colorful, artful adventure like fizzy tub colors, neon crayons, “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister, a paint set, coloring book and bubbling bath bombs — tucked inside a bright basket with a rainbow of colorful tissue paper. 

The Brain Booster Basket: Tuck in sensory and stem gifts that boost their brain power and stimulate their tactile system through texture, colors and imaginations such as fidgets, Playdough, a bubble hand wand, foam bath soap to make slimemagic bath crackles and scientific-inspired bath potions. 

The Bubblin’ Fun Basket: A basket full of bathtime fun for little ones is always a hit, filled with gifts like bubblegum scented bath bombs, a water-friendly bath book, rubber duckie bath toy, magic washcloths that expand with water, a Mr. Bubble superhero towel and extra gentle bath soaps and hypoallergenic bubble bath for kids to keep their skin kissably soft. 

There’s No Bunny Like You Basket: Celebrate the uniqueness of your little bunnies with an Easter basket filled with a mix of limited-editions like Mr. Bubble Throwback Liquid Bubble Bath and Foam Soaps and personalized surprises like plastic Easter eggs filled with notes about why your kiddo is so special and a feel-good book like “I Will Always Be Your Bunny - Love From the Velveteen Rabbit” by Francis Gilbert. 

Now, the fun begins. Pick a theme and get hopping. How’s that for some fun-tastic ideas to win the Easter Bunny of the year award without a lick of chocolate or sugar in sight? Now, the fun begins. Pick a theme or create your own and gather