Chronic Pain & Comfort

Soothe muscles and fight fatigue with a nourishing blend of ingredients and an uplifting Blueberry Citrus scent ideal for Chronic Pain. Key ingredients include Arnica, Epsom Salt, Ginger, D-Ribose, Flax Seed Oil & Blueberry extract.
Chronic Pain & Comfort

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Relief from chronic pain and fatigue is the best gift ever

What’s on your chronic pain and tension relieving list? Here are a few must-haves: our therapeutic bath salts and Epsom salts, hand and body lotion and body wash for sore muscles. Made with pain relief and nourishing ingredients staples such as arnica, ginger and d-ribose, just a quick bath, shower or application of lotion is all it takes to feel like your best self. Want to take your relief to the next level? Shop and layer in our Muscle, Tension and Nighttime products for the ultimate me-time.

At Village Naturals Therapy, we’re proud to partner with organizations like the Arthritis Foundation. Together, we help fuel their fight to conquer arthritis through scientific advancements, advocacy, patient education and community connections.


Comfort Collection Fragrance: Fresh, Fruity-Floral and Mellow 

Sunny Citrus and fresh, crisp Grapefruit aromas engage your senses amidst the sweet, fruity florals of Blueberry with middle notes of cool Eucalyptus and crushed Rosemary sprigs. A base of Vanilla Bean and Red Cedar add a warm, mellowing finish.,